The Film and Media Studies department at UCSB is one of the top theory based schools in the nation, but the emphasis on theory is often insufficient for students who are curious about production. Student based clubs, organizations, and festivals have been formed on campus to encourage students to experiment with the process of production, yet few are able to go beyond the scope of the university's limits. CamCon's goal is to provide technical training to these student cinematographers by exposing them to the tools and techniques of the trade.

CamCon is a three day event held every spring with workshops, seminars, and demonstrations that help interested students grow as cinematographers. The event is organized by students, with the seminars and workshops taught by industry professionals. Each of the three days consist of both large group seminars and small hands-on practicums where crews can apply what they have learned. In the past, practicum exercises have included lighting at night, shooting moving actors and the art of camera movement. CamCon is designed to allow students to develop over the three days, by building knowledge and assurance from workshop to workshop.

Students interested in attending CamCon each year are encouraged to fill out the application form sent via the UCSB Film and Media Studies email listserv and posted on the site.