Seals of Approval

"Terrific and enthusiastic group you have there at UCSB film. The best thing is that you guys put the CamCon together for yourselves. The personal investment made is what brings the value to each person."

Dave Frederick SOC

"I don't consider it work when I'm just hanging out with an enthusiastic group of students. You guys really have a great thing going."

Dan Ikeda
Director of Technical Services, Tiffen

"Please thank the students for their enthusiasm. The new theater is amazing, perhaps Vilmos Zsigmond and I could come back and do a proper Master Class?"

James Chressanthis ASC
Director, No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos

Other Notable Guests

Russell Carpenter ASC
James Chressanthis ASC
Bob Primes ASC
Dan Kneece SOC
Jillian Arnold
Chris Jenkins
The American Society of Cinematographers
The Society of Camera Operators
Kino Flo Lighting Systems
ARRI Group